Dr-Irene-Ernst Dr Irene Ernst
Medical Aesthetic Consultant

Dr Ernst graduated in general medicine and cardiology and has run her clinic which serves various government authorities and embassies in Berlin since 1982. Dr Ernst is also responsible for providing professional medical aesthetic advice to our clients and is based in Berlin and Singapore. Her expertises include cosmetic dermatology and skin care, internal medicine, acupuncture, herbal and alternative medicine.

As an active participant in the medical and wellness profession, Dr Ernst sits as Academic Advisor and lecturer in general medicine in Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin. She also serves as Assistant Professor in Cosmetic Dermatology at the Tulane University, New Orleans, USA, guest doctor at the WHO sponsored Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China, Medical Consultant to major cosmetic companies including Shiseido in Japan, Carita in Paris and Galderma in Germany and conducted many lectures on skin care techniques and had also developed and produced an exclusively medical tested pearl powder skin care products.

Being an active figure in the media and editorial world, Dr Ernst is regularly featured and also served as Wellness consultant to German newspapers, magazines, radio, TV programs and has also co-authored the International Spa Guide published in Germany. She is the Publisher and CEO of the embassies magazine Diplomatic Magazine and serves as Member of Board of Press and Business Enterprises.

She is the preferred doctor of the U.S. Embassy Berlin and their guests as well as nominated doctor for several embassies in Berlin and had served as Medaire doctor for Singapore Airlines, Qantas and British Airways, besides serving major corporate client like DBV Winterthur.