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As a frequent spa-goer, I’m keen to know more about massage and its techniques. So I enrolled for the Egyptian Sports Massage course at Spa Innovations. The course is very comprehensive and well organised – it covers both theory (spa etiquette, skin conditions and essential oils etc.) and practical including an examination. I also had the privilege to learn under the skillful hands of Dianna Chia, who has many years of spa experience. I highly recommend this course to those who wish to pursue a spa career and also for spa lovers like me!
Andrew Lim
Marcom Consultant/Spa Enthusiast
Sports Massage Course
For some time I had toyed with the notion of learning the art of Reflexology as I had found many benefits in undertaking this treatment. I tried in vane to find a course that fulfilled my expectations until I came to learn of Dianna Chia. Not only does Dianna possess a vast knowledge in the holistic approach to wellness but also the course involved all aspects of reflexology. It wasn’t long before I knew that I was learning from a true professional. Not only was Dianna’s approach to learning thorough but also she made sure that I learned the correct procedures from the start. I now feel confident that I can use these skills to help others and for me I have achieved my goal. I thank Ms Dianna Chia for her patience, her friendly attitude but mostly imparting her wisdom from years of extraordinary experience.
Lisa Morton
Domestic Goddess
Foot Reflexology Course
Dianna was very clear and focused in her teaching. I had an enjoyable time during the course. I have received a good knowledge of how to release tension, deep tissue massage techniques that help to soothe aches & pains for my customers and caring for their needs at the same time. She is detailed and attentive towards the students. I would recommend anyone to learn from Dianna.
Cheryl Moh
Spa Owner
Aromatherapy & Sports Massage Courses
Dianna is very professional in her teaching and gave very constructive feedback on where our weaknesses are and how to improve on our massage skills. The course is very well done and it has exceeded our expectation. Thank you for the enjoyable sessions.
Teresa & Philip Chop
Management Consultant & EMS Auditor
Couple Massage course
We have recently attended the Aroma Bliss Massage course led by Dianna and have thoroughly enjoyed her seriousness as well as the reduced number of particpants in the training course (6 participants only). This  allowed us to get a good grasp of the precise gestures and movements required for quality massages. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that we wish to pursue other thorough trainings with her in the near future.
Marie Touset & Anna Combes
Teachers / Aromatherapy Massage
My therapists and I were trained by Ms Dianna Chia on our newly launched slimming program. We had a great time and enjoyed the way she patiently and methodically taught us the program and shared her knowledge with us. We thoroughly enjoyed her lively training and interaction in class. She is the best trainer we have ever learned from.
Endah Wulansari
Spa Manager
Spa & Slimming Programs
Jakarta, Indonesia
We would like to express our appreciation for the recent workshop you have conducted for our company on Aromatherapy Massage. The response was very encouraging and it was an enriching session.

It has been a great pleasure working with you and we look forward for your continuous support in the future workshops.
Matthew Cheah
Manager Human Resource
Seagate Technology International
Thank you for the help and cooperation all this while. All the feedback I had were very positive. Not only were the training sessions conducted professionally, at the same time, it also provides knowledge and fun for everyone. Thanks!
Kelli Ng
Human Resource
Passenger Car & Light Truck Tires/ TCRA
Michelin Asia Singapore Co. Pte Ltd
Thank you very much for the interesting talk on Aromatherapy that you gave at our company on 12 August 2003.

Judging from the favourable audience response, it was an exceedingly successful talk. My colleagues and I enjoyed it thoroughly and learned much about aromatherapy and the uses/benefits of various essential oils.

We appreciate your taking time off your busy schedule to share with us your insights on aromatherapy and hope that we have other opportunities to work with you in the future.
Lisa Tay
Recreation Club Committee 2003
Abacus International Pte Ltd
On behalf of my colleagues at Tampines Secondary School, I would like to commend Ms Dianna Chia for a highly invigorating and interactive session the Stress Relief Massage workshop, which was conducted on 17 September 2004. We have learnt skills that would benefits our partners and loved ones.

Many thanks for your time and patience in explaining the various techniques of massage. We hope to have more of such workshops at our school.
Denna Ong
School Family Education Programme
Tampines Secondary School
Thank you for your time in presenting “Keeping Healthy with Manual Lymphatic Drainage” on Friday 29 July 2005 at the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Your session was very well received. The feedback that we have received from your session was that it was interactive and you had conducted it very professionally which impressed the participants. I believe the participants will be more than happy to apply the techniques that they have learned in your session.

Thank you for volunteering your time, efforts and knowledge. We hope to work with you again in future.
Grace Ong
Support & Volunteer Programmes
Breast Cancer Foundation
AG Home will like to extend our warmest appreciation to you and Spa Innovations for organizing a nail-care workshop for our girls at AG Home. Thank you for your care and dedication shown to our girls during the workshop. This workshop has been instrumental in the development of skills and knowledge of nail-care and customer service for the girls of AG Beauty Room.

Once again, we thank you for your time and effort committed into this workshop and we hope to enjoy another opportunity of partnership in future.
Pastor Andrew Choo
Andrew & Grace Home
Enjoyed the knowledge and training exposure. Concepts Trainer is knowledgeable about the industry especially operations and gave good advise for those who are interested in opening spas. Delivery of finance topics in the simplest and layman language.
Grace Wong
Customer Services
The best seminar I have attended so far- Good and experienced trainers, clear and concise examples. I enjoyed and benefitted from every aspect of the seminar especially the Financial Projection and Marketing Plan. The group presentation is really an excellent idea. It could be better if more time given for the preparation of the presentation.
Vicky Tay 
Lecturer, Beauty Therapy
School of Business & Services
Human Resource session is most enjoyable, lively presentation and activities. Made the time zoomed by so quickly. Marketing presentation is straight to the point, resourceful and very useful. Enjoyed the classes.
Heather Leung
Lecturer, Beauty Therapy
School of Business & Services
Concepts and Operations presentation is like the Discovery Channel of the Spa World! Learned lots from the trainers. Course was fun! Important topics and critical issues on human resources were highlighted and emphasized. Finance delivery was perfect, simple and easy to understand.
Norhida Zul Kapri
Spa Manager
Trainers have very good examples and understanding of trainees’ needs and how to think out of the box. The delivery was very clear and there was very interactive two-way communication in the class. Well organized training!
Selvam Mola
Front Office Manager
我非常开心有这个机会产加您的SPA管理课程。它让我学会了自己做生意当老板必需知道的许多知识。从筹备生意,市场计划,管理技巧,到注意帐目的赢亏计算,真的是受益不浅!凡是要多了解SPA生意的人,这是 必学的一门课程,相信每一位学生也会像我一样受益不浅!我忠心感谢您!
Annie Yang
Spa Enthusiast
Good mix of participants though time for presentation was tight. Human Resource session was interesting and focused. Well thought of games, a reflection on what we ignored or neglected. Finance session is concise and simple to understand. Sorry to have missed first day.
Carere Kwan
Spa Trainer
Very informative, interesting examples to help us with our homework. Lessons are very lively and interesting in a relaxed and friendly approach. Finance topic tends to be a very dry subject but the trainer is able to make it simple and interesting for us to understand.
Pauline Pillai
Head Therapist
A good guidance for those intending to set up spas.
Maggie Eng
Salons Owner
Presentations were specific, clear and easy to understand. It has given me knowledge on how to improve my marketing, a right understanding of staff issues and building team work. This course has helped me a lot with cashflow issues.
Analyn Tracey
Retail Director
On The Job Training Skills
Mr Oliver Teo was very helpful and approachable. He was able to keep the class awake by being very engaging and creative.

Excellent instructor. I hope to see more instructors like him around.

An instructor who has a profound knowledge of the subject. He was able to impart the subject matter effectively. Thank you, Mr Teo.
Customer Service Skills
Instructor had done a good job in bringing liveliness to the training. Trainer helped us to identify our needs and answered our queries.

This course was very instructional and beneficial.

A very interesting course. The trainer was very friendly, cheerful and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed this 4-day course very much.

Well done, the training was very organized. It will help me to become a better trainer.

Well done. Course was well organized, fun and appropriate.

Oliver executed this course excellently. The things and materials that he provided were very interesting and relevant. A very good lecturer.

Oliver is an effective instructor. He was able to stimulate interest, making this course interesting.

I look forward to having Mr Oliver Teo as my trainer when I come back for the other courses.

This course can be enhanced with the showing of relevant videos.
Oliver is an extremely good trainer - he never makes you feel shy or afraid to participate. He is a genuine trainer, who wants his trainees to succeed. We have learnt a lot from his lectures, activities and also by observing him- his demeanor, the easy effortless way he handles his class. He makes you feel at ease.

We could have taken up a topic and prepare it from scratch in the course and write the lesson plan. i.e. have a good work prototype training template.

Very friendly. We've learnt much more from trainer himself rather than from ppt presentations. Learnt a lot from his activities/ small games and ice breakers. Very fruitful training - thanks to the trainer.

I’m sure that this course will help me become an effective trainer.

Very instructive, learning process can best be stimulated with activities and fun environment. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, competency, good moved and enthusiasm with us!

The trainer was very good presentation skills, grabs attention, interactive, give examples. I learnt a lot from the trainer himself, how to make trainees fell comfortable, interactions, and feedbacks.

Very instructive as well as pleasant to follow. Very good delivery of the course.

Course was well structured and delivered in simple, clear words and easy to understand. Need to use gloss to gain the attention.

A trainer that knows how to grab attention, makes the course interesting (even if in many cases there are lots of theory) - encourages you to get out of your shyness. Good balances between activities, theory, etc. Keep it up!

Well planned and organized course. Learn a lot through the course and as well through the trainer. Contributes to career growth.

The trainer a very friendly approach. Trainees feel very at ease to ask or answer questions. Very knowledgeable. Knows how to grab attention. Using examples and activities keep the trainees to be focus because there was always the learning outcome. Did not feel boring.
The trainer delivered a good job.

An excellent trainer with excellent and effective presentation style.

The trainer did an excellent job. Take it from me. I am 70 years old.

This course was very useful, well taught, interesting and informative.

Mr Teo was friendly, approachable and passionate about training.

Mr Teo is very experienced. He made this course very interesting by creating a positive learning environment

Instructor had done a good job in bringing liveliness to the training.
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